Are you already a champion of matching 2 or 3 tiles, but struggling to create a cascade of matches, or just wandering what this game is about? Here we'll give you a tip how to advance your gameplay.

1) Let's suppose we've got some setup with double-blank domino descending. Don't try to match blank tiles yet, that will bring you just 2 points.

2) We rather move descending domino a bit to the left, drop it and wait:

3) New domino is coming. Again, we are not going to match it with the tile at the bottom right:

4) We put it here insead:

5) Ok, that's what we waited for. Though, 0:1 and 0:2 would be as good as 0:9 shown here. Note, 0:2 is not going to happen in the Sprint game, we've already got it in the field.

6) Now, just put the domino in the right spot and all blanks will annihilate at once (4 points):

7) Dominoes at the top fall down and tripls met each other (+2 points):

8) The final step of annihilation for this cascade (+2 points):

9) Thus we've created a little pretty cascade of matches and got 8 points total. Can you do better? Let's try!

PS. Just to be precise: in this example we've got the max score 8 and power score 49. Would we just match blanks in the step 1, tripls in the step 3 and blanks or nines in the step 5 we'd get max score 2 an power score 3 ( game scores ).